Cobbleland is a multi-experiential Social Hub, theme park and exposition, showcasing Companies, Brands, Products, and Intellectual Properties through modular design.

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About Cobbleland

Cobbleland is a combination of a Social Hub and Single Player lands, an amalgamation of the design sensibilities of the World’s Fair and the fun and wonder of Theme Parks.

Cobbleland will collaborate with Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and organizations to provide presence and awareness of their brand to the burgeoning industry called the Metaverse, and also to the blockchain gaming community.


More importantly, Cobbleland is our celebration of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and our way of supporting and onboarding NGOs, LGBTQIA, BIPOC, solopreneurs, mumtrepreneurs, social enterprise and typically underserved communities into a purpose driven metaverse ecosystem !


Design Principles

The core design is centered on modularity. Spaces and quests change as featured brands come and go at Cobbleland over time to maintain freshness and to keep up with the times.

Spaces will be split into multiple sub-areas throughout the 4x4 land for partners and brands. Zoning will be carefully studied and implemented within the space to ensure each of the SMEs will have value in terms of brand exposure, visibility and interaction with the community.


Characters and Avatars

Cobbleland is populated by cute characters called Cobble. They are voxel-based Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and Avatars for the Sandbox.

Players are able to:


Explore and experience brands


Socialize and hang out with other players


Quest for in-game and real world prizes


Play promotional minigames



We’d love to partner with your brand to create an exciting experience for visitors in Cobbleland!

Cobbleland will partner with reputable agencies and organizations to help bring SMEs into the Metaverse. Exhibitors will benefit from an already fully developed, plug and play architecturally detailed environments designed by experienced creatives who have been in the exhibition, brand marketing and promotion industry since 1992!

Sample Exhibition:

Exhibition design for Kuriland, premium Kuri or chestnut ice cream.

Contact us for a comprehensive map of the exhibitors’ space and our rate cards.


Quotes vary and will depend on the degree of the activation, promotion, timeline and other factors.


The exhibitor package will include but not limited to: an exhibitors’ area, custom assets for booth or diorama, custom quests, games, and prizes.


Want to be an exhibitor? Let’s chat!

Contact us for a comprehensive map of the exhibitors space and its cost.


The exhibitor package will include but not limited to: an exhibitors area, custom assets for booth or diorama, custom quests, games, and prizes!


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